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Access for people with disabilities

In collaboration with our testing partner Digital Accessibility Centre, Better Connected has developed a new, two-stage process for testing and reporting the accessibility of council websites. This was explained in our blog of 14 November.

Stage one testing

A limited test, designed to identify sites that would fail our fuller test, has been run by DAC on all 416 UK council websites.

The test examined home pages for the 14 testing criteria used in our full test. Sites fail stage one if they fail on 7 or more of the 14 criteria. They also fail if they fail on keyboard traps (criterion 4) or on lack of visible focus indicators (criterion 5) - issues that will make pages inaccessible to certain groups.

Sites that fail stage one are not eligible for stage two testing unless the councils involved fix the issues identified and apply for a re-test by our deadline of January 27th 2017. There is a small charge for this retest simply because stage one has to be repeated to check the fix has solved the problem.

Stage one testing was completed in December 2016 and results are now available on councils’ individual results pages. Councils that need to, can find details of how to apply for a re-test, and what happens after that, on the same page.

Stage two testing

Stage two testing applies the 14 testing criteria to three ‘top tasks’ per council, including one from a mobile device, as well as a range of top level pages.

Detailed results of stage two tests are published for each council tested.

Only councils that pass stage one and two of the accessibility test can achieve four stars in Better Connected.

Only councils that are Socitm Insight subscribers are tested at stage two.



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