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Congratulations to our Better Connected Awards winners

Vicky Sargent
Wed 25 May 2016

The first ever Better Connected Awards were presented yesterday afternoon following day one of Better Connected Live 2016. We will be reporting on this in more detail very soon in Pubic Service Digital but for now we are publishing a list of winners. Awards were based on the Better Connected Assessments.

Better connected live: a personal view

Martin Greenwood
Wed 25 May 2016

As I walked down from the station on Tuesday morning through the rather desolate streets of Digbeth in Birmingham, it felt a curious experience to be attending a Better connected event for the first time as a delegate and not the organiser. The Better connected operation had been contracted last year to Vicky Sargent and Boilerhouse colleagues (with my total support, by the way) to become a fully-digital operation; it has been a seismic but necessary change in the life of the Better connected service.

We've implemented a scoring rule change that affects some councils with lower scoring tasks (in a good way!)

Vicky Sargent
Sun 22 May 2016

We have modified one of the rules for awarding two stars for tasks. For all results published before 20 May, two stars were awarded when: a specified number of questions were answered correctly (number varies task to task); promotion of task rated 2 or 3 on 0-3 scale; customer journey rated 2 or 3 on 0-3 scale. This rule in effect meant that a score of one on either task promotion or customer journey/task completion led to a site getting a one star rating for that task whatever other scores they had achieved.

Top scoring councils announced ahead of Better Connected Awards 2015-16

Vicky Sargent
Mon 02 May 2016

Seventy eight councils have scored maximum possible marks in one or more of the Better Connected surveys. This is not just a case of getting 4* in a survey - these councils have got the correct answer to every single scored question and have also been recommended by reviewers.

The Better Connected Awards and party

Vicky Sargent
Tue 29 Mar 2016

Like other aspects of Better Connected Live, we’re adopting a fresh approach with the first event Better Connected Awards, which will be presented on the evening of 24 May as part of the Better Connected Live programme. There will be no penguin suits and no ‘rubber chicken’ dinner. Instead we're organising an early evening canal-side party with entertainment and Birmingham’s finest street food.

Better Connected Live: Birmingham May 24/25

Vicky Sargent
Sun 20 Mar 2016

Better Connected Live is bringing together top level management in local public services with customer and service delivery management, web, digital and communications specialists, and those supporting widening digital participation. The two day event is being supported by a wide range of public sector partners including the Tinder Foundation; GO ON UK; Local CIO Council; Chartered Institution of Wastes Management; Planning Portal; ADASS Informatics Network; and the Society of Chief Librarians. Commercial sponsors and exhibitors will be announced soon.

When will Better Connected results be released?

Vicky Sargent
Thu 10 Mar 2016

People have been asking when overall results from Better Connected will be released. Traditionally, the Better Connected report and results were released all at once at 0800 on March 1 each year (causing a huge spike in visits to the Socitm website).

Learning from (new) Better Connected

Vicky Sargent
Tue 23 Feb 2016

Now we have completed (although still in the process of publishing) the majority of the task-based surveys for Better Connected 2015-16, some key implications of the changes we have made are starting to emerge.

All councils data released !

Vicky Sargent
Thu 14 Jan 2016

Better connected has just released 2015 results data for non-subscribing councils. This means all UK councils can use this site to see the overall star ranking for their website, as well as whether they passed or failed on individual tasks like ‘Apply for council tax reduction’, as well as how their sites performed on access from mobiles, usability and accessibility.

Responding to your feedback

Vicky Sargent
Tue 05 Jan 2016

We published the first ‘new Better connected’ survey – pay parking fine – at the end of November. The survey covers London boroughs and metropolitan districts, a total of 89 councils representing around a fifth of all those we survey through the Better connected programme.

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