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Better Connected programme update – 26 February 2018

Mon 26 Feb 2018
Vicky Sargent

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Waste and recycling – council tip results are out!

On 22 February we published the results the first of three surveys on waste and recycling, [find out how to] Take rubbish to the tip. The survey covers English counties only, 63% of which scored three or four stars. NB other councils that run tips, as this is likely to be one coming you way next year. We concluded that councils should be more upfront on their websites about growing restrictions on public use of council tips in order to avoid turning people away and creating the sort of frustration that can lead to confrontation. You can find the ‘all council’ report on tips here.

More rubbish results…….

…….upcoming in the next couple of weeks when we will publish Find out about garden waste collection - shire and NI districts – and Find out how to put out rubbish for collection, which covers all other council types. Keep an eye on @btrconnected on Twitter for announcements or just check the website. We also anticipate putting out another email newsletter in two weeks’ time that will include these results.

Parking results for shire and NI districts

These were published on 2 February, with 32% of councils tested providing a good or very good service for parking information and interactions. This is a disappointing result despite some very good individual performances by councils recommended in our ‘all council’ parking report. Parking services are falling particularly short when it comes to drivers with disabilities. This a group that always needs to plan travel in advance and should be able to access high quality information about location, costs, and availability of services designed specifically to meet their needs.

Improving the mobile experience of your website ahead of our survey

We expect to begin reviewing the mobile experience of sites for Better Connected towards the end of March and into April. Ahead of that you might like to read the piece from Ryan Bromley and Jon Maskrey of Zengenti that we have just published in Public Service Digital. We’re delighted that Zengenti are supporting our mobile survey and we will see further input from the team later on in this in this Better Connected cycle.

Video briefing: accessibility

We’ve just published our first video briefing focussed on Better Connected content, an interview with Colin Stenning, web manager at Bracknell Forest. The council has performed consistently well in BC accessibility testing in recent years, and we were keen to find out how it’s done. In future we’ll be covering topics like designing for mobile, use of maps, value of web stats, presentation of key services like planning, social care and waste & recycling, etc. Also upcoming in April will be a discussion around waste and recycling online, featuring a high performing council and Jadu, who are supporting this year’s survey on garden waste.

We also had an interesting conversation about customer accounts with Glen Ockso of Granicus on ‘Working Lunch’ CLGdotTV’s new ‘live at 1245’ webTV show every Tuesday for people who work in and for local government.

Login now required to view question sets

Please note that while individual council high level results pages and ‘all council’ reports continue to be free to view, log in is required to see detailed results for individuals as well as question sets used for each of the surveys.

How does your council manage web content? What professional skills do you have in your web team? Does it include developers?

We’ve had a number of useful contributions to a thread we have set up in the Web Improvement community forum covering these topics. Please add yours. See also an existing thread in the forum on web team structures

Survey timetable update

We published the timetable for surveys in 2017-18 in our blogpost of 29 October. Reviews are currently underway for:

  • Find out about local development plans - shire & NI districts
  • Find out about councillor - shire & NI districts

Find out about roadworks – English, Scottish and Welsh unitary councils – has been completed and is awaiting analysis. To come:

  • Social care: find childcare (m) - CC, MD, EU, WU, SU
  • Highways: report streetlight failure - CC
  • Business: apply for landlord licence - LB, MD



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