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Better Connected: applications open for 2016-17 re-reviews

Tue 04 Jul 2017
Vicky Sargent

Did any of this year’s Better Connected surveys identify issues with aspects of your website that you have subsequently fixed or which you intend to fix?

Would you like the opportunity for a re-review which could raise your published score for individual tasks or your overall star rating in Better Connected?

If the answer to both questions is ‘yes’, then please contact us as soon as you are ready as we are now taking bookings for paid for re-reviews. These are different from BC challenges, where you think we got something wrong. These we look into as part of the BC process, free of any charge.

We have introduced the re-review option following a clear demand from Better Connected subscribers expressed at last year’s Better Connected Live event. We already have a number of re-reviews booked. Some of these are for sites that were in transition during the BC survey cycle and where published scores do not reflect the current site.

Paid-for reviews will work like this (note that we have refined this since our last post on the subject, published here on 3 October 2016):

  • Reviews will be offered for individual tasks whether service-based or mobile or search/navigation/A-Z
  • The reviewer will re-assess exactly the same question set for the task being reviewed
  • New results from the review(s), including any changes to task scores and the overall site ranking will be substituted for the original results on the council’s Better Connected web pages.
  • We will add some text to the page indicating that the results as show are part of a re-review.
  • Councils having a re-review will receive from us a copy of the old and new results, but only the new results will appear online

The charge for this service is £795 + VAT for up to two task reviews with additional bundles of two task reviews available at the same rate.

If you would like to book a paid for review ahead of this, please email us on telling us which task(s) you want re-reviewed and how you would like to pay.

Please note that the service will be delivered via Boilerhouse Communications, so any POs need to be set up accordingly.



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