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Latest survey results


of all 416 council websites tested on their performance when accessed from mobile devices were assessed as good or very good.

The survey shows that 89% of council websites now present a responsive or mobile site when accessed from a smartphone. This compares with 80% in 2016 and 57% in 2015.

Sites were also tested on ease of use, findability of content via navigation, and whether functions like forms or maps worked properly on mobiles. Reviewers did not evaluate the quality or accuracy of actual content found, since these aspects are tested in other Better Connected surveys.

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Upcoming surveys

With publication of the two social care surveys on May 16 we have completed all service based testing for the 2016-17 cycle of Better Connected, covering council tax, roadworks, parking, and licensing and more.

Accessibility stage two results were published on 9 May and the mobile survey on 25 May. Results of the search/navigation/A-Z survey is expected on 30 May with final results later in the same week.

The Better Connected Awards for councils scoring highly in different surveys and across the board, will be presented at Connected Local Government Live 28/29 June (see notices on this site) which will also include events and workshops highlighting best practice and learning points from this year's survey.

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Socitm President Nadira Hussain and others place Better connected in the context of digital transformation and report users explain its value.