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of sites tested (English, Welsh and Scottish unitaries, shire districts, Northern Ireland districts, and metropolitan districts) for 'order bulky waste collection' are providing a good or very good service for this task. However, because we tested the survey on a mobile device, results have been depressed by the 16% of our 356-strong sample of councils whose websites are still not purposed for mobiles. We did not review non-mobile-optimised websites after landing on them from Google: 47% of sites that had full reviews scored three or four stars.


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Upcoming surveys

We have now published four service based surveys (including one for each type of council) in the 2016-17 cycle of Better Connected. We have also completed stage one of the accessibility test for all councils - and are now conducting stage one re-tests and stage two testing for those Socitm Insight users that passed stage one. We are also testing the first of our social care surveys, 'Request care assessment for elderly relative'.

See our blog for information on task sets for different council types and watch out for announcements in Socitm broadcasts (you can sign up for these at, you do not need to be a member of Socitm).

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Socitm President Nadira Hussain and others place Better connected in the context of digital transformation and report users explain its value.