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of English and Northern Ireland district councils are providing a good or very good service for people wanting to Find out about my councillor. Published just ahead of the elections in May, the survey report highlights the fact that 40% of council websites expect people to know the name of their ward in order to look up details of their representative (ie local councilor) rather than providing a postcode look up, and that on a similar percentage of sites it is impossible to find out which political party is in overall control.

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Upcoming surveys

On April 14 we publish our report on the Find out about my councilor survey for English and Northern Ireland district councils. This will be followed soon after by Find out about roadworks, covering English, Scottish and Welsh unitary councils, and Find out about local development plans (English and NI districts).

Currently underway are Apply for landlord licence and Find childcare, with the final service based survey Report streetlight failure due to start in the next couple of weeks. The new, combined search/navigation/A-Z and mobile test, and stage 2 accessibility testing are already underway.

We expect to publish final outcomes for Better Connected 2017-18 in early May.

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Better Connected programme update – 13 April 2018

27 June in London: Local Government and the digital citizen: catch up with peers and experts to take stock of where development of council websites and the digital services they present – ie the bit of councils that most citizens actually interact with – is headed. In a series of sessions we will review the quality of the citizen experience overall and drill down into provision by key sectors like waste and recycling, social care, planning, and housing. We will look at cross cutting issues like customer accounts, identity and registration, the role of open data, new accessibility requirements on public sector sites starting from September, and the implications of Whitehall-delivered applications for services traditionally provided locally, like voter registration and blue badges. Places will be strictly limited (event organisers always say that, but we mean it!), so look out for a mailing very soon about how to book.
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