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of English county councils are providing a good or very good service for people seeking information on taking rubbish to the tip.

As the survey report points out, councils are introducing restrictions around what items can be disposed of, and who can use the tip.

This requires excellent communications if councils are to avoid misunderstanding and frustration on the part of the public, with the website as the key source of information.

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Upcoming surveys

On 23 February we release of the first of three surveys on waste and recycling [find out how to] Take rubbish to the tip.

The survey covers English counties only, but will be followed in consecutive weeks by results from Find out about garden waste collection - shire and NI districts – and Find out how to put out rubbish for collection, which covers all other council types.

We have already completed libraries:e-resources, social care: find services to help my elderly relative stay in their own home surveys, parking: find out about parking, and accessibility stage one

The timetable of surveys is on the landing page of the surveys section.

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