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of all UK council websites pass the Better Connected test that evaluates their accessibility to people with disabilities, including those using assistive technologies like text-to-speech screenreaders or keyboard-only controls.

Testing is carried out on our behalf by the Digital Accessibility Centre, and shows significant improvement since last year, when only 43% passed.  Scottish sites have done particularly well this year with 81% passing the test.

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Upcoming surveys

We have now finished the 2015-16 round of Better Connected surveys, and as a result, all 416 UK council websites now have a 2015-16 star ranking on our scale of one to four. We have also published detailed results for each council, and an ‘all council’ report for every survey we have done.

To access individual council results and commentary go to the 'councils' section of this site. To access ‘all council’ service reports go to the 'services' section.

We are now evaluating feedback and planning surveys for the 2016-17 series. See our blog for further details and watch for announcements via Better Connected and Socitm direct and social media channels.


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Socitm President Nadira Hussain and others place Better connected in the context of digital transformation and report users explain its value.